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A Hip Hop theater guide to the strangers on the train, the people you knew and those you thought you knew.

Underground is a new Hip Hop theater piece exploring the politics of people who ride the A train between Brooklyn and Manhattan. Underground follows the fractured stories of these diverse characters in a series of vignettes told through spoken word, dance and hip hop. This two week run follows a sold-out three-night workshop in Poetic Theater Productions' Poetic License Festival in January 2012.

Written by Edward McWilliams
Directed by Axel Avin Jr.

Featuring Makeda Abraham, Keith Alexander, Khadim Diop, Karen Eilbacher, Dave Goldberg, Joell Jackson, Ryan F. Johnson, Teniece Johnson, Allyson Lynch, Wade Ray, Ronnetta Renay, Bheesma Salassie, Bharatta Salassie, and Candace Tabbs

additional poetry by D’Janau Morales, Reynaldo (Bamboo MC) Melendez, David Scott, and Daniel Silber-Baker

Choreography: Ezra Ezzard
Lighting and Projections Design: Brad Peterson
Original Composition: Oliver Reed
Sound Design: Enrico de Trizio
Scenic Design: Christopher Thompson
Stage Manager: Shannon Lipper
Assistant Stage Manager: Curtis Shaw
Line Producer: Dontonio Demarco

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February 22-March 13
EVQ Film Festival 2018

August 20-25

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