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New York No Limits Film Series (NYNL)

NYNL’s final short film program of 2012 reaches into the pale depths of grim reality and austere imagination to formulate a formidable evening of short films as the filmmaker’s on the card tap into social commentary and hard boiled cinema. With films that envelop unforgiving worlds such as HATCH, I AM JOHN WAYNE and the startling documentary LOST HOPE the program gives the audience filmmaker’s who examine the world at large. The lineup rounds out with HIP PRIEST, 003064.XZ, and the animated UPROOTED offering up experimental drama that twists the palate of genre to evoke the underground film movement of the 1980’s.

The NYNL Film Series culminates in November with the 2012 Summit, a festival event showcasing the outstanding short films from the past year and Feature film selections.

August 15th Films

HATCH, Christoph Kuschnig dir. (U.S./Austria) 20 minutes
This tale follows two couples and the wrenching decisions they each must make on a wintry Vienna night. Milo and Biljana, illegal immigrants seeking opportunity, must acknowledge that they cannot raise their newborn and hope to achieve their own youthful dreams at the same time.

HIP PRIEST, Greg de Domenico dir. (U.S.) 24 minutes
An exploration on the duality of man and the place for God in the sometimes dismal world. Priest is an honest and enigmatic man, living by a personal code based in compassion and enlightenment. He smokes, he drinks, and he puts one foot in front of the other, everyday, day in and day out.

I AM JOHN WAYNE, Christina Choe dir. (U.S.) 19 minutes
A portrait of ‘Taco’ a young urban cowboy struggling with the death of his best friend.

LOST HOPE, Jane Wells dir. (U.S.) 7 minutes
The documentary takes a disturbing look into the treatment of Native American women lured by a desperate life into human trafficking.

UPROOTED, Brett Wilson dir. (U.S.) 10 minutes
“It grows on you…if you let it”. Join an ordinary guy named Buddy and an ordinary Girl named Cynthia as their lives become entangled through their botanic journey. If you have ever experienced any of these events in some way, you just might grow attached to one of the characters…

003064.XZ, Joey Angerone dir. (U.S) 15 minutes
A man is convinced that he is not from Earth.

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