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New York No Limits Summer Film Series

NYNL 2011 Summer Film Series screening times:

Friday, July 15th and Saturday July 16th @ 8PM.

Each program block is approximately 90 minutes in length.

For more detailed info about the films and filmmakers click here:

To Receive Press Passes Contact:
Robert Wagner, NYNL Program Director

The NYNL 2011 Summer Film Series is a diverse array of short films from the international community, with entries from; Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Serbia-Montenegro and the United States.

NYNL designs each series as a showcase for largely emerging and independent filmmakers. As a year around event, NYNL creates film programs that serve as an exhibition of entertaining, culturally diverse, politically conscious and emotionally powerful films.


FRIDAY, July 15th

A CAMBODIAN SNACK: Garret Atlakson director (U.S. - documentary)
Takes the audience to a remote Cambodian village, as locals gorge on an afternoon edible delight with a cultural twist.

AFTER YOU LEFT: Jef Taylor director (U.S. - drama)
Brooklyn filmmaker Jef Taylor snapshots a man searching for emotional self discovery with ex-girlfriends; as he tries to make sense of his romantic faltering.

GOD AND VODKA: Daniel Stine director (U.S.- drama)
Navigates through the lives of two childhood friends, coming to terms with their mutual feelings while they try to hang onto each other through life’s twists and turns.

SIEBTER TAG: Nadine Voss director (Germany/France - drama)
Two men must decide between self survival and unforgiving consequences after a business transaction goes horribly wrong in this unrelenting parable.

SWAN DIVE: Michael Lavine director (U.S.- drama)
A desperate, isolated Brooklyn man searches for meaning and purpose in his life as his greatest fear lurks not far behind.

5 MINUTES EACH: Vojin Vasovic director (Serbia Montenegro - animation)
A trip through the life of the artist, struggling to find his voice and yearning for triumph in the limelight, if for just a short while.

SATURDAY, July 16th

BOFFIN & BOFFIN: Ed Blythe director (U.S. - comedy)
Married medical doctors take a shot at using their professional expertise as they attempt to begin a family.

DANIELS ASCHE: Boris Kunz director (Germany - drama)
A young woman must decide between what her deceased lover wanted and honoring his family’s wishes.

DILLI: Shishmut Gosh & Rintu Thomas directors (India - documentary)
Moral questions ensue when ‘urban prosperity’ disposes of the poor in Delhi, India.

FOREVER’S GONNA START TONIGHT: Eliza Hittman director (U.S. - drama)
An honest and unsentimental coming of age story about an independent young woman, trying to make sense of her constricting circumstances.

FRIDAY NIGHT TIGHTS: Jooni Park director (U.S. - animation)
A roommate asks his buddy to hang on a Friday night; but a artful secret beats a night out and instead young man’s fantasy and passion light up the night.

LOVE BIRDS: Brian Lye director (Czech Republic - fantasy/drama)
Brian Lye takes the audience on an irreverent and fantastical imagining of human behavior and a metaphorical exploration of male/female interaction.

New York No Limits Film Series is very pleased to sponsor the NYNL BEST SHORT FILM COMPETITION. The winner of the NYNL 2011 BEST SHORT FILM will be based on several components as filmmaker innovation, depth of narrative, script and performance will be taken into consideration as part of the overall films in competition. The winner of the competition will be announced in the Fall 2011.

About: New York No Limits Film Series, formed in January 2011 to provide a platform of multi-faceted, innovative and risk-taking films. The primary focus of the NYNL program platform is to integrate films that reflect the essence of the filmmaker’s vision, daring in nature with narratives that cross the lines of commercial intent.

Ultimately, NYNL wishes to give filmmakers who take profound leaps a shot to connect with the audience and beyond. All year long, NYNL seeks to extend the boundaries and spread the canvass of conventional film with programs that include every genre, and the most daring visions in film today. Currently, NYNL programs short films, however plans to integrate feature films into the series in 2012.

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